VCIA Provides Effective Legislative Representation for the Captive Industry

VCIA is the only organization with full-time legal representation at both the state and federal levels working on behalf of the captive industry. This representation keeps us informed on proposals and advocates for positions that benefit the industry.

VCIA's President, Legislative Committee and Board of Directors work together to monitor and influence legislation favorable to captives. Current laws and regulations are monitored, and VCIA works with the state's policymakers to address any unintended outcomes and recommend further enhancements as necessary. VCIA also works with its members to identify additional opportunities for strengthening the Vermont domicile, and works to gain passage of legislation. Legislative alerts are shared with VCIA Members to keep them informed on current issues.

Since 1985, VCIA has provided effective legislative representation for Vermont's captive industry. Your membership in VCIA keeps the whole industry strong!

Members: Join us for VCIA Legislative Day on January 22,2020 at the Statehouse in Montpelier, Vermont. Registration will open in November.


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