Learning Circles

Introducing Learning Circles!

Note: Learning Circles are now full for the 2019 Conference

Want to squeeze even more out of your VCIA experience? Join a Learning Circle!

You'll share your learning experience with up to 8 peers, who’ll do the same for you, with an Ambassador as a guide to help facilitate and support the process. Your Learning Circle is an adventure you’ll experience together on a mutual quest to dive deeper and apply the vibrancy of ideas and innovations you'll encounter at VCIA’s Annual Conference.

The goal is simple: Enrich your VCIA journey with insights and experiences from your fellow Learning Circle members. Come prepared with subjects you would like to discuss. Through this process, you’ll discover the value of gaining new perspectives and ideas from fellow circle participants while developing connections with new peers.

To join a Learning Circle, simply select it on the conference registration form. You will be emailed after that with more details.