VCIA Leads the Charge in Legislative Advocacy for Captives

VCIA's Legislative Involvement:

The VCIA has offered three decades of effective legislative representation for Vermont's captive insurance industry.

VCIA has representation at both the state and federal levels in order to be informed of proposals and advocate for positions that enhance the position of captive insurance companies. One of VCIA’s biggest strengths is the leadership role it takes on federal legislative affairs. On behalf of its member companies, VCIA works diligently to keep the captive industry strong. Legislative alerts and updates are shared regularly with VCIA Members to keep them informed on these issues.

On an annual basis, VCIA gathers information from its membership, legislative committee and board of directors to ensure that proposed legislation meets the emerging needs of our dynamic industry. Continual modifications to Vermont's captive statute allow captive insurance companies to operate with maximum productivity and efficiency. Browse our legislative offerings be clicking on "Legislative Materials" on the left.


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