VCIA Offers Year-Round Captive Education

Upcoming Events:

August 7 – 10, 2023 – VCIA Annual Conference - Doubletree Burlington Vermont: Register Here!

Fill Out Your Golf Registration Form Here! Send your completed form to info@vcia.comPlease note this form can be used to register multiple golfers. If you have confirmed golfers you will be playing with, please be sure to indicate it in your email when returning the form. Otherwise, VCIA will assign foursomes.

Note on Fees: For roadshows, $35 for VCIA members and $50 for non-members; for webinars, $100 for VCIA members and $150 for non-members - $85/person for 3 or more people from a VCIA member company, $135/person for 3 or more people from a non-member company.