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Becoming a VCIA Member allows you immediate access to the comprehensive information that you need as a captive owner or service provider. You become part of a group that shares your business interests, questions, desire for industry information, access to key players in the industry, and much more.

Not only does VCIA provide excellent captive education and connection with other professionals, the association is also continuously hard at work behind the scenes on legislative affairs. VCIA has legislative representation on the federal level as well as the state level -- our eyes and ears are on constant alert to ensure the continuation of a strong captive insurance industry. Your membership in VCIA keeps the industry strong, and keeps you learning all about captives.

VCIA is the largest trade association for captives in the world. Our professional staff is aware of your needs. As the industry grows and changes, we adjust our focus so that we are always working in our members best interests. VCIA was formed in 1985 when the Vermont domicile was young. We work closely with the State of Vermont's Captive Division and their expert staff to keep the industry growing and strong.

Join our association today. You will be in the great company of nearly 400 other organizations that are currently VCIA Members!