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01 Captive Newcomer Essentials Package

Format: Combination of Audio and Video with Power Points
Five Webinars ideal for the new captives or those considering the formation of a captive. All at an affordable price and packaged so you can reference them at your own pace. (Items available separately.)
  1. Captives 101 2014, Captives 101 2015
  2. Captives 102
  3. Captives 103
  4. Strategic Advantages of Captives
  5. Hot Topics with Dave Provost

Captive Newcomer Essentials Package-Member: $250
Captive Newcomer Essentials Package-Non-Member: $500

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02 Captive Board Governance-Tutorial Package

Format: Audios with Power Points
Captive Board Governance-This 6 Item Tutorial Package contains important information on subjects of interest to Captive Boards. Together in an affordable package that you can reference at your own pace! (Items also sold separately.)
  1. Captive Board Member Boot Camp - Parts one and two
  2. Risk Management and HR
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Accounting and Auditing Update
  5. The Importance of Captive Process and Controls
  6. Advanced Tax

Captive Board Governance Tutorial Package-Member: $250
Captive Board Governance Tutorial Package-Non-Member: $500

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03 RRG Package

Format: Combination of Audio and Video with Power Points
This five-item package is created to give you a comprehensive and well-rounded foundation for your RRG. Packaged together, you can participate in the various sessions at your own pace and refer to them again and again. (Items also available separately below).
1.  Captive Governance
2.  Captives 103
3.  Exploring RRG Opportunities
4.  Captive Taxation Update
5.  RRG Regulatory Update
6.  Growing Your RRG

New RRG Package ~ Member Price: $250
New RRG Package ~ Non-Member Price: $500

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Accounting and Auditing Update

Duration:    60 Minutes
Format: Audio with Power Point

Recent accounting and auditing updates have a material impact on the captive industry. This important session will help you analyze these updates and their impacts. The topics of discussion will focus on upcoming accounting pronouncements (GAAP and SSAP), developments made by the PCC (Private Company Council) and the most recent FASB exposure drafts relating to the FASB IASB convergence project. The discussion will include: exposure drafts, accounting standards, private company initiatives and more.

Patricia Henderson AIAF, CPIW, Strategic Risk Solutions Vermont Ltd.
Joshua Partlow, CPA Johnson Lambert LLP
David White, CPA, ACI, AIG Insurance Management Services

Acctg & Audtg - Member Price: $100
Acctg & Audtg - Non-Member Price: $150

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Advanced Taxation

Duration: 60 Minutes
Format:  Audio with Power Point

This lively, interactive discussion highlighting various fact-based tax situations and probable views of the IRS and taxpayers regarding those facts, illustrates tax developments in a unique way. Experts will demonstrate how changing the situations slightly or greatly will change the ways in which the IRS views a captive insurance arrangement. Examples will be given on how to achieve more favorable IRS outcomes.
Chaz Lavelle, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP (Moderator)
Thomas Jones, McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Bruce Wright, Esq., CPCU, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

Advanced Tax - Member Price: $100
Advanced Tax - Non-Member Price: $150

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An Insider's Guide to the Credit Rating Process

Duration:      60 Minutes
Format:      Audio with Power Point
This engaging session will give you an insider's perspective on the credit ratings process. Professionals from two prominent ratings agencies share their knowledge on various aspects of the process including common mistakes made by insurers (those new to the process or currently rated) and what insurers can do to maximize their chances of achieving their credit rating objectives. 
Moderator:  Matthew Coyle, CTM Enterprise Risk Advisers
John Andre, A.M. Best Company
Donald Thorpe, Ritch Ratings

An Insider's Guide to the Credit Rating Process ~ Member Price: $100
An Insider's Guide to the Credit Rating Process ~ Non-member: $150

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Captive Benchmarking Workbook ~ VCIA Members Only

Financial benchmarking, and more precisely the need for relevant, captive-specific data to benchmark against, continues to be a request from Vermont captive owners as a result of ever increasing corporate governance requirements and the on-going quest for best practices.VCIA and the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation have researched how they might fill this data void. The result of this collaborative effort is the newest edition of the VCIA 2015 Captive Benchmarking Workbook. Available at no cost for VCIA Members only.

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Captive Benchmarking (Webinar)

Duration:  100 minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point
In this session, learn about the data and information currently available which is useful for benchmarking, as well as the limitations of the data. Panelists will explain the need for benchmarking, how and why they chose the data to be used in their benchmarking exercises, and the scope of metrics they identified as being most appropriate for their needs. Panelists will also detail the resources necessary to complete the analysis and obstacles encountered during the process. Attendees will learn about the the initiatives implemented as a result of the benchmarking exercises, what the results were, and how the results impacted the panelists organizations.

Moderator:  David Provost, Deputy Commissioner Captives, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation

Amy Angell, Principal, Milliman, Inc.
Eric W. Dethlefs, President & CEO, Cassatt Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Nicholas A. Parillo, President, MAC Risk Management

Captive Benchmarking: How do you Compare? ~ Member Price: $100
Captive Benchmarking: How do you Compare? ~ Non-Member: $150

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Captive Board Member Boot Camp

Duration:  Part 1, 120 minutes    Part 2, 120 Minutes
Format: Audio with Power Point
This 2-part session is specifically designed to help participants understand the essentials of measuring and building board effectiveness. Using a combination of presentations, interactive exercies, and case studies, attendees will learn about captive board dynamics and the importance of diligent participation. Level: Intermediate
Paula Cope, Cope & Associates, Inc.
Kevin Kinross, Bricker & Eckler Attorneys at Law
Stephanie Mapes, Paul Frank + Collins PC
Anne Marie Towle, Willis Captive Practice

Boot Camp - Member Price: $100
Boot Camp - Non-Member Price: $150

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Captive Glossary of Terms PDF

This comprehensive captive insurance dictionary helps you communicate effectively in the captive industry. Learn the insurance acronyms and basic definitions with this essential tool.

Captive Glossary - Member Price: $0
Captive Glossary - Non-Member Pricing: $0

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Captive Taxation: Trends and New Developments (Webinar)

 Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:     Adobe Link with Power Point
Get up to date on captive taxation!   In this webinar VCIA brought together a dynamic group of captive tax specialists to inform you on the latest 2016 developments affecting captive insurance companies. Our experts provide details on the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) current focus regarding captives, as well as trending topics that have come to light over the past year and are likely to impact captive insurance companies.

Thomas Jones, McDermott Will & Emery, LLP
Charles Lavelle, Bingham Greenebaum Doll, LLP
Daniel Kusaila, Crowe Horwath, LLP

Captive Taxation: Trends & New Developments ~ Member Price: $100
Captive Taxation: Trends & New Developments ~ Non-Member Price: $150

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Captive Underwriting in the Hard Market (Webinar)

Duration:  120 minutes
Format:  Audio with Power Point

Underwriting involves understanding numerous aspects of an insurance program. Whether its creating Program Guidelines, collecting exposure and loss information or setting program structure, understanding the components to the process will lead to a better appreciation of the discipline in program development.

William D. Motherway,  President, Conner Strong & Buckelew/New York, LLC

Steven Bauman, Senior Vice President, Zurich North America
Raymond J. Rocchio, Jr., Vice President, PMA Companies
Sandar Thulis, Managing Director, Travelers    

Captive Underwriting - Member Price: $100
Captive Underwriting - Non-Member Price: $150

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Captives & Cyber Risk: Exposure, Coverage and Opportunity (Webinar)

Duration: 120 Minutes
Format:    Adobe Link with Power Point

Cyber risk is a hot topic for potential coverage by captives. Several educational sessions have been held to define, prepare for and prevent risk - this session takes a much closer look at providing coverage for your cyber risk. Our panelists provide thought provking, educational information on cyber risk:  selection, understanding the types of risks and exposures; how risks are structured; capitalization and forms of capital; as well as access to reinsurance. Experts in the field share their knowledge of trends and the financial impact of a data breach. A case study is presented by the risk manager of Nittany Insurance Company (Pennsylvania State University) on exposures they face and how they built a successful program to cover those risks.

John Weber, Sr. (Moderator) A.M. Best Company
Gary Langsdale, Pennsylvania State University
Michael Serricchio, Marsh Captive Solutions Group
Jeremy Ong, Great American Insurance Group

Cyber Risk - Member Price: $100
Cyber Risk - Non-Member Price: $150

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Captives 101

Duration: 120 minutes
Format:  Video with Power Point

Captives 101 2014: An expert panel provides an overview of captive basics from first consideration at the sponsoring organization  to maturity. The panel focuses their conversation on topics of interest to prospective captive owners and others new to the captive industry. Common reasons for beginning a captive, the feasibility process, common structures of captives, risks covered and the ongoing operation of the captive are all discussed. A case study with solid examples will be followed throughout the discussion. 

2014 Panelists:
Sandra Bigglestone (Moderator), State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Robert Gagliardi, CPA, ARe, AIG Insurance Management Services
Kyle Mrotek, FCAJ, MAAA, Marsh's Captive Solutions Group
David Roberts, CPA, Saslow, Lufin & Buggy, LLP
Captive 101 2015: An esteemed panel comprised of a Vermont regulator, a captive consultant, a captive owner and a risk retention group member will cover the basics of captives and RRGs from their unique perspectives. 
2015 Panelists:
Sandra Bigglestone (Moderator), State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
Leslie Ratley-Beach, Terrafirma Risk Retention Group LLC
Mary Ellen Moriarty, College Insurance Company, Inc.
Anne Marie Towle, Willis

Captives 101 - Member Price: $100
Captives 101 - Non-Member Price: $150

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Captives 102: Basic Trails of Captive Taxation

Duration: 75 Minutes
Format: Video with Power Point

Our experienced panel provides the building blocks for understanding of a captive’s taxation life cycle from formation to maturity, discussing the potential tax pitfalls along the way. Topics include: how to qualify as an insurance company for tax; the implications of qualifying; special considerations in calculating tax expense; and tax elections to consider. The panel also summarizes what other taxes the captive or its insured may be exposed to including premium taxes, excise taxes and state income taxes. And no session on taxation today would be complete without an update and overview of the Non-admitted and Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA).

Jim Girardin (Moderator), Amethyst
Charles Lavelle, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
James Mannello, Deloitte
Jennifer Phipps, LCA Insurance Co., Inc.

Captives 102 - Member Price: $100
Captives 102 - Non-Member Price: $150

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Captives 103

Duration: 75 Minutes
Format: Video with Power Point

You've heard about what a captive insurance company is and what it takes to form one. Now you  have a chance to hear about the experiences in operating captives from three people representing three different parent company industries who have been there before. Vermont's Deputy Commissioner for Captive Insurance will lead a conversation among the captive owner. Discussion topics will include the panelists' motivations for forming a captive, the structure of their captive's insurance program, benefits that the panelists have realized through ownership of their captives, and challenges they have faced and overcome during the course of their captive's existence.  

David Provost (Moderator), State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Joseph Gallagher, Alberici Group
Robb Hunt, Greencrest Insurance Company
Richard McCarthy, Title Industry Assurance Company RRG

Captives 103 - Member Price: $100
Captives 103 - Non-Member Price: $150

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Corporate Governance

Duration: 105 Minutes
Format: Audio with Power Point

Even when your business is making satisfying progress, you always need to be thinking about the future and prospective risks that might have an impact on performance. Strong Corporate Governance puts sound business practices, prudent oversight, and forward planning in place to ensure performance is maintained and improved. This session focuses on the essentials of corporate governance, risk mitigation strategies, and related best practices for RRGs, regardless of size. We also discuss the increased corporate governance requirements proposed for Risk Retention Groups. Through a detailed RRG case study, participants will see first-hand how both strong governance and internal controls can direct the examination approach.

Michael Bemi CPCU, ARM, ARe, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Christine Brown, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Timothy Padovese, Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (a Risk Retention Group)
Russell Young Esq., Primmer Piper Eggleston Cramer PC

Captive Gov - Member Price: $100
Captive Gov - Non-Member Price: $150

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Cyber Risk, Coverage and Captives (Webinar)

Duration:           1 Hour
Format:             Adobe Link with Power Point

Does your cyber insurance program adequately address your firm's exposure to loss? Is it properly priced? Are you prepared to fund the retained or uncovered costs arising from this exposure? This webinar explores the myriad of cyber liability insurance coverage details and discusses the role of the captive insurance company in program development.  Learn about the challenges and benefits of funding a portion of your cyber liability insurance program with a captive. A case study example explores in detail the integration of risk transfer with risk retention to address your firm's cyber exposure to loss including policy drafting, forecasting captive insurance company funding, and negotiating insurance/reinsurance terms and conditions.

Moderator:  Michael Zuckerman, Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University


Shannon Groeber, Senior Vice President Cyber/E&O Practice, JLT Specialty USA
Edward Lionberger, Senior Consultant, Willis Towers Watson
Heather McClure, Executive Director of Operations, Academic Physicians Insurance Company (OU Physicians Professional Liability, Patient Safety & Risk Management)
Lynn Sessions, Partner, Baker Hostetler LLP

Cyber Risk, Coverage and Captives ~ Member Price: $100
Cyber Risk, Coverage and Captives ~ Non-Member: $150

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Dodd Frank: A Closer Look at the Non-Admitted and Insurance Reform Act of 2010 (Webinar)

Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point

A VCIA and CICA presentation of an informative webinar to review the conclusions and premise of the paper authored by Jim McIntyre and Adam Maarec entitled: White Paper Discussing the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010 and its Potential Application to Captive Insurance prepared and published on behalf and at the request of VCIA and its members in October 2011. Please click this link to read the White Paper:

James McIntyre, McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC
Skip Myers, Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Dodd Frank ~ Member Price: $100
Dodd Frank ~ Non-Member Price: $150

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Explore Reinsurance Purpose, Structures & Pricing (Webinar)

Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point
Finding and maintaining the desired level of reinsurance coverage in both the domestic and international reinsurance marketplace can be challenging. Through the lens of three case studies, this session will detail some of the important aspects in the process, including the selection of a reinsurance panel, options for accessing reinsurers, and the strengths and weaknesses of various reinsurance structures, all while ensuring that costs are in-line. Our panel will shed light on how an organization’s reinsurance program may evolve over time, and delve into what is important to reinsurers in the evaluation of your organization.
Michael Bemi, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Abraham Kane, Gen Re
Lorraine Lewis, Alliant Insurance Services
Steven McElhiney, Tall Pines Insurance Co.

Exploring Reinsurance Purpose, Structures & Pricing - Member Price: $100
Exploring Reinsurance Purpose, Structures & Pricing - Non-Member Price: $150

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Exploring RRG Opportunities & Challenges: Past, Present & Future (Webinar)

Duration:   120 Minutes
Format:   Adobe Link with Power Point

The session explores the liability risk retention act (LRRA) along with past, current and future opportunities and challenges impacting RRGs. The panelists highlight best practices for utilizing, managing and governing RRGs and provide insight on state regulation. Participants will gain an understanding of the history around federal and state legislation of RRGs and how these risk management vehicles compare to traditional insurance companies.

Richard Smith, President, Vermont Captive Insurance Association

Sandra Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance, State of Vermont
Steven Chirico, Assistant Vice President, A.M. Best Company
Pamela Davis, Founder/President & CEO, Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Group, Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, RRG
Daniel Labrie, President and CEO, HAI Group

Exploring RRG - Member Price: $100
Exploring RRG - Non-Member Price: $150

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Financial Statements and Ratios

Duration:           105 Minutes
Format:             Audio with Power Point

Once a captive is formed, members of the captives Board of Directors start receiving financial statements and attending board meetings where the financial statements are presented.  Financial statements for captives are often confusing for board members, particularly given the nuances of insurance accounting.  Directors sometimes ask for a walk through of how to read the balance sheet and income statements of their captive, and others go to the bottom line on the income statement and the Equity/Cash on the balance sheet while bypassing the rest of the statement.  This seminar provides an in-depth look at the financial statements of a captive and explain the nuances of insurance accounting.  Panelists detail some of the important, often overlooked information in the financial statements, and show how this information can be used to calculate important ratios and metrics that measure the financial health of the captive.  A captive regulator shares insight on ratios they focus on when evaluating the financial health of a captive, and why some ratios are favored over others.

Anita Perkins, USA Risk Group, Inc. (Moderator)
Christine Brown, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Anita Perkins, ACI, USA Risk Group, Inc.
Joseph Schimenti, Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG
Magali Welch, CPA, AIAF, CA, Johnson Lambert LLP

Financial Statements and Ratios ~ Member Price: $100
Financial Statements and Ratios ~ Non-member Price: $150

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Finding the Right Retention Level for Your Captive (Webinar)

Duration:      60 minutes
Format:        Adobe Link and Power Point
Combining case studies and interactive content, this informative session details the factors to consider when determining how much risk to retain within your captive.  Areas explored will be the risk appetite for different types of coverage, reinsurance availability, pricing and related issues, actuarial considerations, and more. Our expert industry panelists provide input from their experiences and discuss some of the key factors to be considered. Specific case study examples highlight how captives of varying sizes can effectively approach this process, and relay how to address the  continuing challenges captive owners face in determining how much liability to retain.
Moderator: Adam Dubuque, Principal, Johnson Lambert LLP
Paul Struzzieri, Principal & Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc.
Kevin Malbon, Associate Director, Aon Global Risk Consulting – Risk Finance
Captive Owner, Loren Nickel FCAS, CFA, MAAA, Director, Business Risk and Insurance, Google

Finding the Right Retention Level for Your Captive ~ Member Price: $100
Finding the Right Retention Level for Your Captive ~ Non-member: $150

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Hot Topics with Dave Provost - Regulatory, Legal & Account Updates

Duration:  60 minutes
Format:  Audio
with Power Point

Dont miss this lively, informative session featuring Vermonts Deputy Insurance Commissioner David Provost! Dave is a wealth of knowledge (and wit!) and hosts this dialogue to share news and views on recent developments in captive regulation and practice. Moderated by journalist Richard Cutcher, emerging issues will be raised and panelists will give thorough replies based on their own unique perspectives. Learn about up-to-the moment captive issues through our expertsdialogue and interactive discussion. Join us!

Moderator:                    Richard Cutcher, Captive Review
Presenter:                     David Provost, CFE, Department of Financial Regulation

Hot Topic with Dave Provost - Member Price: $100
Hot Topic with Dave Provost - Non-Member Price: $150

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How to Ace Your Next Captive Exam (Webinar)

Duration:           60 Minutes
Format:             Adobe Link with Power Point

Want to know what it takes to facilitate a successful captive exam?  Want to understand the process better and to achieve better outcomes?  VCIA is pleased to present an informative and timely webinar that will equip you with the knowledge necessary to ace your next statutory captive examination.  The webinar provides an overview of financial regulation, explains how various components tie in to the examination process, and discusses details of each phase of a captive exam, including common pitfalls and best practices.  Vermonts Director of Captive Exams provides insight into the regulators perspective, while seasoned Captive Managers who have been through the process provide industry accounts.  

Kevin Cote, Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC
Dan Petterson, State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
Christopher Plumpton, Strategic Risk Solutions Vermont Ltd.

How to Ace Your Next Captive Exam ~ Member Price: $100
How to Ace Your Next Captive Exam ~ Non-member Price: $150

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Innovative Spotlight: Unique Uses for Captives

Duration:           85 Minutes
Format:             Audio with Power Point

Captive insurance has existed for nearly 50 years. Youd think that all uses for this flexible financial vehicle would be well-known by now, but thats not the case.   As technology and federal regulations change, companies discover emerging classes of insurable risk.  And as the availability of data grows, companies have greater ability to measure exposures, risks, and losses. These changes become the catalyst for the development of new types of insurance.  Join us to hear from captive owners who have tackled many insurance challenges, including those related to the Affordable Care Act, emerging wireless technologies, the growth of information processing systems, and changes in the distribution model for benefits.  Enhance your awareness of common threads and patterns in issues and risks to be addressed and managed, such as exposure measurement, product design, premiumrating, and loss adjusting.

Bob Gagliardi, AIG Insurance Management Services
Michael Hawkins, J.D., The University of Vermont Health Network
Kevin Jones, Iron Horse Insurance Co.
Christine Kogut, FCAS, MAAA, Milliman, Inc.
Heather McClure, JD, LLM, CPHRM, Academic Physicians Insurance Company

Innovative Spotlight: Unique Uses for Captives ~ Member Price: $100
Innovative Spotlight: Unique Uses for Captives ~ Non-member Price: $150

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Investment Strategies for Captives (Webinar)

Duration:                    60 Minutes
Format:                      Adobe Link with Power Point

Duration matching is a common strategy in the insurance world and is often used in captive management.  But is it the most beneficial approach for your company?  A captives liability structure, asset size or owner objectives may affect the suitability of this approach.  Duration matching can meet some concerns but may expose the captives investment portfolio to unforeseen risks. Factors such as the interest rate term structure, optionalityof cash flows, the actuarial nature and frequency of claims and the risk tolerance of the captive should all be considered when designing and reviewing an investment management program. This webinar helps you learn the differences between and distinct advantages of duration matching, cash flow matching, total return investing and other liability driven investing approaches. You will learn which captive specific circumstances should be considered when determining the appropriate captive investment strategy, and discover which approach is best suited for various scenarios.

Michael McCord, NLC Mutual (Moderator)
John Boland, CFA, Maple Capital Management
Jason Stubbs, Bartlett Actuarial Group
David Tatlock, Strategic Risk Solutions Vermont Ltd.

Investment Strategies for Captives ~ Member Price: $100
Investment Strategies for Captives ~ Non-member Price: $150

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Mock Claims Trial: You Be The Jury!

Duration:           105 minutes
Format:             Audio with Power Point

What in the world happened to my claim?  I reported it to my captive and its been 6 years.  Oh!  My claim is going to trial! Come and be part of the trial process; see witnesses testify; opening and closing statements and then be the jury at the end!  What happened here? The Plaintiffs father was a resident in an Assisted Living Facility in 2010 for 23 days. Within 23 days he was dead.  What in the world happened?!? Should he have been there?  Did the facility staff do something wrong?  Or is this a case of bad things can happen to good people under good health care?  Did the caretakers do all they could for the Plaintiffs father? Who will win?  Only you can tell because the polling questions answered at the end will determine the outcome here! YOU ARE THE JURY!

Trial Attorney:   Kirsten Ullman, Esq.,Lewis, Brisboois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP
Trial Attorney:  Clare M. Bello Ogden, Esq., VCM, A CCMSI Company
Judge:  Brian Bursa, Esq., Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP

Mock Claims Trial: You Be The Jury! ~ Member Price: $100
Mock Claims Trial: You Be The Jury! ~ Non-member Price: $150

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NAIC from the Outside In (Webinar)

Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point

The NAIC is an integral part of the captive insurance world and understanding how and why it works is critical to a well-regulated industry. This webinar strives to "lift the veil" of the inner workings of the NAIC so that participants can better understand the impact of the organization, as well as what alternatives might look like.

The panel represents knowledgeable captive industry experts and will share first-hand experiences and will discuss:
* Organization & Governance
* Resources NAIC provides for regulators, the industry and consumers
* NAIC Accreditation Program
* NAIC and the world and for captives
* NAIC and the future of State-based insurance regulation.

Richard Smith, President, Vermont Captive Insurance Association

David Provost, Deputy Commissioner Captive Insurance Division, Department of Financial Regulation, State of Vermont
Robert (Skip) Myers, Jr., Partner, Morris Manning & Martin, LLP
Jeffrey P. Johnson, Director, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC

NAIC from the Outside In - Member Price: $100
NAIC from the Outside In - Non-Member Price: $150

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Pension Financing through Captives: The Real Story (Webinar)

Duration:   120 minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point

This webinar provides a first-hand glimpse into Coca-Colas story of captive use for pensions from those who were and continue to be directly involved. Specifically, the webinar covers:

· Why The Coca-Cola Company embarked on the Captive Annuity Program (CAP) for global pension risk
· How CAP was achieved, including an understanding of the Coca-Cola Finance and HR partnership.
· The challenges that were encountered and met.
· How Coca-Cola and participants won.
· The lessons learned and applied for subsequent pension annuitized to the captive.

Richard Smith, President, Vermont Captive Insurance Association

Mitchell J. Cole, Director, Towers Watson
Stacy Apter, Director Global Benefits Financing and Asset Management, The Coca-Cola Company
Lorraine Stack, Senior Vice President Captive Solutions, Marsh Management Services (Dublin) Limited

Pension Financing through Captives - Member Price: $100
Pension Financing through Captives - Non-Member Price: $150

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Placing Medical Stop Loss Coverage in your Captive (Webinar)

Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point

An expert panel describes medical stop loss and the rules that have shaped it over the years. The panel diagrams the various ways to set up a stop loss program and discusses ways that a captive could fit into the program. Presenters of two successful programs, a group and a single parent, discuss the reasons they self insured this risk and how it was accomplished. The panel also presents its thoughts as to the future of medical stop loss given the changing landscape of State regulation.

Derick White, President, Strategic Risk Solutions Vermont Ltd.

David Provost, Deputy Commissioner Captive Insurance Division, Department of Financial Regulation, State of Vermont
Tris Felix, Vice President, Risk Management, IMA, Inc.
Laura Zehm, President & Treasurer, Central Coast Community Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. (CHOMP)
Ellen Eldridge, Manager, Health Benefits Services, GENCON Insurance Company of Vermont

Medical Stop-Loss - Member Price: $100
Medical Stop-Loss - Non-Member Price: $150

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Policy Language

Duration:        90 Minutes
Format:           Audio with Power Point

Curious to know how to craft a perfect policy? Our experts will guide you through the nuances of captive and reinsurance policies.   You will learn proper terminology, best practices in drafting polices, various forms, and the roles that reinsurance brokers and attorneys fill. Come away from this session with helpful tools to put right into use in your business.

Derek M. Martisus, Marsh & McLennan Agency (Moderator)
Kathleen Carroll, Esq., Guy Carpenter & Company
Brian Johnson, ACAS, MAAA, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group
Derek Martisus, ACAS, ASA, MAAA, Marsh Captive Solutions

Policy Language ~ Member Price: $100
Policy Language ~ Non-member price: $150

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Profit Center Captives: Creating a New Revenue System (Webinar)

 Duration:  60 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point
Most captive insurance companies are established as a way to efficiently, effectively manage risk and
achieve cost savings. Captives can also be used to access new revenue  sources.  For example, a
captive may provide insurance to existing customers of its core business (such as extended warranty
coverage), or even provide coverage to suppliers or joint venture partners, for additional revenue and
profit. There are a variety of ways to capitalize on these types of opportunities, while also effectively
managing risk. This unique webinar allows the participant to learn all about profit center captives. Our
expert panel details a variety of profit center captive types and, as a special addition, a case study
will be examined regarding the formation and usage by Wireless Risk Solutions, a Vermont captive of
this type. Hear from the captive owner directly on all the related details of forming and running this
profit center captive. Register today for this engaging session!

Profit Center Captives: Creating a New Revenue System ~ Member Price: $100
Profit Center Captives: Creating a New Revenue System ~ Non-member: $150

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Regulatory Exams and Surveillance

Duration: 60 Minutes
Format:  Audio with Power Point
The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation Captive Division leads the industry with top notch regulation and oversight, while keeping a sharp focus on time and cost efficiencies. Captive owners, however, do not always see the depth and expertise of the Department staff or the amount of work involved in regulating the industry in Vermont. With a principal focus on pure captives, this session provides a roadmap to regulatory oversight, introduces you to leaders of the examination group, provides an update on changes made to the examination process and identifies some of the areas most commonly found to require attention.

Peter Kranz CPA, Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC
Jonathan Spencer, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Lance Tourville CFE, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation

Regulatory Exams and Surveillance ~ August 2014 - Member Price: $100
Regulatory Exams and Surveillance ~ August 2014 - Non-member Price: $150

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Risk Management and Human Resources

Duration: 75 Minutes
Format: Audio with Power Point

No captive line of business requires greater collaboration among corporate departments than Employee Benefits (EB's). This interactive case study session explores how other Risk Management (RM) and Human Resource (HR) departments have joined efforts to effectively write EB's in their captive. The session begins with a quick overview of EB captive programs--how they are structured and how they are systematically implemented and then drills down to explore the business interests and objectives of their respective departments, contrasting and comparing their key points. You'll learn what specific processes and techniques were utilized to obtain collaboration between RM and HR resulting in a successful game plan.  

George O'Donnell (Moderator), Aon Consulting
Jodell Ayers, YKK Insurance Company of America
David Schwartz, YKK Insurance Company of America

Risk Mgmt - Member Price: $100
Risk Mgmt - Non-Member Price: $150

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Strategic Advantages of Captives - Atlanta Road Show

Duration:  60 Minutes
Format: Video with Power Point

This session focuses on the basics of captive insurance companies; the reasons for formation, the feasibility process and key issues in putting a successful captive program together. Attendees will gain an understanding of the cost structures associated with captives and the capital requirements. The decision to form a captive insurance company is very individualized process that reflects the unique needs and interests of that corporation, association or institution. In this seminar, representatives from two different types of captives will share their thought process and experiences.

Daniel Towle (Moderator), State of Vermont, Director of Financial Services
David Provost, State of Vermont, Department of Financial Regulation
Brady Young, Strategic Risk Solutions
Heather McClure, Director of Professional Liability, Academic Physician Insurance Company
Michael Horning, Vice President for Financial Administration, United Educators

Strategic Advantages - Member Price: $100
Strategic Advantages - Non-Member Price: $150

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The Evolution of Risk Focused Exams: Not just for Risk Retention Groups Anymore (Webinar)

Duration:  120 Minutes
Format:  Adobe Link with Power Point

VCIA presents an informative and timely webinar providing an update of Risk Focused Surveillance and Examination processes. The session is presented by leaders of Vermonts captive regulatory team with industry accounts from individuals that have been through the process. This webinar provides details of the Risk Focused Surveillance and Examination processes, and how these processes impact RRGs and captives from Vermont.

Kathryn Boucher, Director of Captive Management, American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG

Christine Brown, Assistant Insurance Examiner, Department of Financial Regulation, State of Vermont
Scott Stone, Vice President, USA Risk Group of VT, Inc.
Dan Petterson, Director of Captive Examinations, Department of Financial Regulation, State of Vermont

Risk Focused Exams - Member Price: $100
Risk Focused Exams - Non-Member Price: $150

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The Importance of Captive Process and Controls

Duration:  60 Minutes
Format: Audio with Power Point

This session explores proactive steps to implement processes, controls, and guidelines across any type of captive arrangement. This seminar helps identify common activities that can cause issues for captive insurance companies and includes a case study scenario that depicts the benefits of a captives process and control review.  

Paul Smith (Moderator), Ernst & Young, LLP
Pamela Clarke, Amexco Insurance Company
Glenn Saslow, Saslow Lufkin & Buggy, LLP

Process & Controls - Member Price: $100
Process & Controls - Non-Member Price: $150

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Trends in Employee Health Benefits

Duration: 105 Minutes
Format:  Audio with Power Point

With employers scrambling to find a way to control skyrocketing employee benefit costs, writing them into an existing captive is becoming a very attractive solution. However, funding ERISA benefits in a captive requires specific approval from the US Department of Labor before going forward. It also requires an employer’s finance, risk, and human resource departments to agree and work together on plan design and implementation. Balancing these regulatory and internal hurdles can be tricky at times. This session will explore all of these issues through an excellent panel including one of the nation’s leading ERISA attorneys (Bradford Campbell, who will speak about EXPRO), and a captive owner has been invited who has successfully navigated these challenges. Join us for this enlightening session!

Peter Bandarennko, Spring Consulting Group, LLC
Bradford Campbell, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Howard Edelstein, Saddle Brook Insurance Company

Trends in Employee Health Benefits ~ August 2014 - Member Price: $100
Trends in Employee Health Benefits ~ August 2014 - Non-member price: $150

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